Google Web Designer Alternative

Why is Foldwrap the best alternative to Google Web Designer?

Google Web Designer is a desktop application developed by Google for creating HTML5 content like animations, interactive web pages, and web ads. It provides a visual interface to design animations via keyframes and export it into HTML

But the app was hastily put together and was never a priority product for Google. The interface was extremely awkward. It is difficult to achieve high-quality banners there, especially without knowledge of code and web technologies.

HTML code generated to GWD is not very readable, have many pseudo-code with JavaScript overhead, which makes it slower, not native and an easy target for ad blockers.

Foldwrap & Google Web Designer Comparison

Google Web Designer
Works in browser
Application for Mac or PC
Very slow
Code output
Native HTML
Canvas + JavaScript
Automated in one click
Manual export setting
Batch processing
Ad networks ready
Integrated TTx adaptations
Only Google-integrated
Easy CSS editing
Image compression
Smart compression
Manual settings for each
Ad previews
Hosted creatives

Customer reviews find Google Web Designer confusing and difficult to use

"There worst design platform for building HTML5 ads"
"What's this for, anyway?"

Google Web Designer adds compicated overhead

Technically, Google Web Designer generates HTML pseudocode for each element, which is then transformed with JavaScript on the client side. So it is not native HTML5 code, it weighs a lot, and it adds a lot of overhead and risk of errors.

Foldwrap, on the other hand, produces 100% native HTML, which is intuitive to humans, weighs less, and does not slow down browsers, since the primary task of browsers is to display HTML code efficiently.

Compare the generated code yourself:
Native HTML code output from Foldwrap


Steve Carell from the Office shakes his head negatively

Foldwrap is better alternative to Google Web Designer to produce effective and visually appealing banners. Foldwrap provides a more effective and feature-rich solution compared to Google Web Designer, generates 100% native HTML5 animated banners in blink of an eye, and it's easier to use.

Customer success is priority for us. You can get started with Foldwrap today and get help with onboarding or achieving specific results with out tools.