Basic features to become familiar with Foldwrap
  • Convert Figma design to animated banners
  • Multiple banner sizes at once
  • Fine-tune export weight
  • Custom fonts
  • Priority support
$0/ month

Foldwrap Pro

Pro features to scale your ad production
  • Convert Figma design to animated banners
  • Choose animation style
  • Fine-tune export weight
  • Goolge fonts


All the features and customized extras
  • Custom terms and billing
  • API access
  • Custom templates according to brand book
  • Custom fonts
  • Priority support


What can Foldwrap be used for?
Foldwrap enables you to easily create animated banners from your Figma designs. 🐝
What kind of banners will I receive?
FoldWrap generates a complete animated HTML5 banner package that can be published across various advertising networks, including platforms like Google Display Ads.
How does it works?
FoldWrap seamlessly merge multiple frames from Figma design into a single animated HTML5 banner. Each frame appears in sequence, effectively delivering your marketing message just like banners created by advertising agencies.
Is it just about animating frame transitions?
No, FoldWrap goes beyond just changing frames. It animates every element within the frame based on the chosen style you prefer.
Do I need to customize each element individually?
No need for that! All you have to do is provide a link to your Figma design and select the overall animation style: fade, light, dynamic, and more. FoldWrap will handle the rest, ensuring that every element is animated in a suitable manner.
How can I export the resulting banner?
You will receive a ZIP package containing an animated banner and resources ready to be published to advertising networks.
That's great! What else can we do?
We are currently working on automatic export of ready-made banners to ad networks and other useful features.
I represent a digital agency and we are interested in trying out the tool for our clients
We can develop custom templates and animations to fully match your clients' brand guidelines, including custom fonts and advanced animations. And come up with many other automations 😉
I still have questions
Feel free to drop us a line