Premium Animated Display Ads Examples

The internet runs on banner ads. They are essential part of online advertising from the very first banner in 1994. However, this basic and most vibrant building block of internet advertising is often not given the attention it deserves.

Despite the fact that click-through rates (CTRs) for display ads are typically lower than for search ads, largely due to the difficulty of targeting the specific phrases that potential customers type when searching for a product, service or solution, display advertising is essential for launching new products or building brand awareness. The relevance of such advertising remains unchanged.

To encourage clicks on display ads, businesses need outstanding visual creative and compelling copywriting. But creating an effective display ad from scratch is not easy. That's why we've compiled some of the best HTML5 animated display ad examples from 2024 to inspire your next campaign.


Here, a beautifully constructed animated banner prompts a person to remember in seconds that traveling is cool and immediately offers a bonus, encouraging to take an action.


Animated banner for Google is created in stylized graphics, using keyframe animation. Created in compliance with the strict technical requirements of Google.


The banner promotes the launch of a new car model, increases brand recognition and media presence, executed in a premium style in line with the Mazda brand book.


This minimalistic yet striking stop-motion animation takes advantage of display ads to communicate the ease of switching to another operator, allowing a new brand to make a statement in a highly competitive market.

Developing animated banners is not easy. Technical difficulty and limitations, tight deadlines and budgets do not always allow hiring a team of professionals specifically to create premium banners. That's why we've created Foldwrap, a banner generator with which you can instantly get an animated banner from a figma design and even choose a suitable animation style.

You can learn more about how Foldwrap works and how easy it is to create animated banners with our generator in a dedicated article